“Karoshi” is one of the English word.
Many foreigner feel strange, why Japanese people work harder to death.

I know… I summaries reasons;

1. Not thinking about business, just only working.
Many Japanese business management don’t understand business objectives. Just focusing on routine works. If huge transactions came, Japanese Manager simply order ‘Do work harder’. If business sales was bad, Japanese manager simply order ‘Do work harder’. There is no strategy. Because making strategy generates some responsibilities. Japanese managers loves word ‘Responsibility’ but they hate taking responsibilities and risks.

There are few companies educating managements in Japan. Many Japanese managers don’T understand the role of managements. And they are not interested in deep knowledge of business, don’t read books and don’t study anything. Because his interesting is just only surviving the company. Not thinking about business.

This is one of the reasones, why Japanese company don’T accept foregin managements. The knowledge level is far from global level. Of course, the famous companies, such as Sony, Panasonic and NTT educate managers. These companies are not typical Japanese company.

2. Watching each others
Usually when a worker finish today’s work or objectives, he/she will go home. But Japanese workers take care of team activities, if other one, particularly, elder one worked, he/she does not go home, spend unmeaning time. This is Japanese characteristics work worse aspect.

3. Deceiving Union and folks
Of course, in Japan business societies, there are many Unions, but Unions does work well. Good example is that a ex-leader of Union will become into senior manager in the company. Can he dedicate to think about worker ?
And if Union decided requests against companies, some one must deceive. For example, if union decided to raise minimum payment. Someone will accept lower payment, someone will betray it. That is Japanese.

These customs shows there is no way to help bad work environment. Only one way is going to a “labor standards inspection office”. But it means the human relations between other folks being to end. If he did not decided to quit that company, he cannot do it.

4. Economical Situation
Long time, Japan economical situations are bad. Company Managers fires from lower labors, he/she cannot find next jobs. Then, they are bearing up bad environment, every day bearing, they misunderstand the criteria of death line.

Few people only fund company, In Japan, during formal educations, students do not have a chance to study about business and money. It means many Japanese don’t understand how to build business nor fund companies.
I guess Japanese education objective is creating simple labors.

I guess ‘Karoshi’ labor will increase year by year.